Copper Jewelry

“May Every Dawn’s Rising bring a New Day filled with both Energy and Grace. 

May Your Inner Fire ALWAYS Burn and Your Energy Ignite Others!

Let No One ever Extinguish Your Spark!” 

Photo credit to Christopher Agurkis at C M Agurkis Photography


Artisan Jewelry Unique & Handmade

Ori-Anne energy jewelry is infused into every piece we create. Copper is transformed using flame painted techniques and patina, revealing another level of beauty with its energy. Every bold and unique artisan design created is as original as the person it speaks to.

Flame Painted Copper New Arrivals


United Farmers Market of Maine


Join Ori-Anne Designs at the United Farmers Market of Maine, a thriving hub for local artistry and agriculture. You can find us there every Saturday, year-round, from 9 AM to 2 PM, showcasing our distinctive handmade jewelry. This Belfast, Maine, community prides itself on bolstering a dynamic local farm economy, and now, with this expansive venue, our quaint coastal town has become a major destination for farmers and artisans alike. The market, a first-rate center overlooking Belfast Bay, offers an inspiring blend of farm freshness and artisan craftsmanship. Visit us and experience the warm, community-centered spirit of Maine every weekend. You’ll find us at 18 Spring Street, Belfast, ME 04915, or call (207) 218-7005. We can’t wait to share our uniquely designed, fire-forged pieces with you!


Giving Back


Domestic Abuse affects both women and men. We all know about the damage caused from Physical Abuse, and Emotional Abuse is often not seen or validated, and is extremely damaging. It can begin with childhood and be intergenerational. It does not need a romantic relationship and can be experienced from friends, coworkers, parents, siblings, etc.  You Are Not Alone, and You CAN Thrive, find your Tribe, and help others Re-Emerge from the shell that remains when your Soul’s energy has been extinguished. I see what I create as being Uplifting, Vibrant, extending Hope and Positivity. 



We are proud to be a donation provider through product we sell to FINDING OUR VOICES. Grassroots and fueled by love and outrage, Finding Our Voices is breaking the silence of domestic abuse in Maine. Women survivors educate and alert the general public and provide emotional and financial sister-support including pro bono services from community professionals. Gathering and amplifying voices, we galvanize action toward more safety, rights, services, and justice for Maine women and their children.



Hear from our customers about our handmade copper jewelry

“The ones that have multiple colors Excite me! Meaning they create such a Fascination within me from all the colors that cause me to feel Alive from your torch/fire. It creates a Vibration of Enthusiasm inside of me.”

They make me feel Energized is another word that comes to me and Calm as well.”

“Organic and Grounding”

“The energy you put into it as you make it will go with it…you’ve got this, It’s Power Jewelry!”

“Blessed on each end”

“Your jewelry brings a Smile to my face. You have different designs, some Intricate and some simple and depending on my mood when shopping I have options which is definitely how I am. Sometimes I want simplicity and sometimes I want a statement piece.”

“Your jewelry makes me feel more Powerful!”

“All jewelry makes me feel various emotions…Jewelry made from Organic and/or Rustic elements always makes me feel creative and fun. Your jewelry adds that extra element of bring grounded and feeling free.I don’t know how else to describe it. I could be picking up the Earth’s vibes or maybe your Emotions? I always Reiki my jewelry so I don’t pick up any negativity.”

I’ve known Anne for 20 years and since the first time I met her, you could see and feel her energy and light. During life sometimes our light is dimmed a bit but it comes back brighter and stronger. This is exactly what happened with Anne. Her path led her to copper and boy is this the perfect medium for her! Her pieces are one of a kind, just like her, which she puts all her light and positive energy into. I feel this beautiful energy and light when I wear her pieces. I’m blessed to have crossed paths with this amazing woman.

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