The Gallery

Dive into the historical heart of Ori-Anne Designs with our Beading Spirits Collection Gallery. This compilation showcases an array of previous statement necklaces, each a testament to our rich design legacy. Every piece captures a moment of artistic jewelry evolution, chronicling our journey from humble beginnings to the refined artisanal mastery we display today. These necklaces, woven with passionate creativity and the spirit of transformation, echo the energetic essence and unique aesthetic that Ori-Anne is celebrated for. By perusing our Gallery, you’re not just viewing an assortment of handmade beaded necklaces; you’re witnessing a story of growth, artistry, and perseverance expressed through each intricate beadwork design. Welcome to a vivid chronicle of our artistic journey, where the past and present converge in a symphony of color, texture, and style.


"Our artistic jewelry pieces come to life in our gallery and is here to empower women and remind them they are enough."

Join the Ori-Anne private community, where we lift each other up, share stories, and rise from the ashes together!